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Book Review: The Locksmith’s Daughter

The Locksmith’s Daughter, by Karen Brooks. Sydney: Harlequin Mira, 2016. This is the second of Karen Brooks' mega-sized historical romances but her tenth published work of fiction. As with The Brewer’s Tale, research is her forte. Brooks is a writer who brings her...

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Book Review: Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See

Undersized, snowy-haired German orphan Werner, is a genius with radios. He and his feisty little sister Jutta are wards in Frau Elena’s children’s home. At night they listen to a radio receiver that Werner found and restored and, sometimes, the enchanting feathery...

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Book Review: Wild Light by Robyn Mundy

Robyn Mundy’s seamless prose doesn’t hit a single discordant note throughout this story of coming of age and regret. When teenage Stephanie West is pulled into her mother’s dream of returning to her childhood home on Maatsuyker Island, it’s a wrench from Steph’s life...

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Fixing Antarctica: The Southern Journey

 We have been lying here gazing back at the men of old. They stand like beacons to show us the way, to give us inspiration and patience and hope. I find myself wondering if I am worthy to carry the frayed banner they have passed to us. Theirs is the past, ours is the...

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Fixing Antarctica: And the Weather was Lovely

In early November, Phil’s approval for the Southern Journey finally came through, and the process of dropping fuel depots increased the pilots’ workload. RAAF squadron leader Douglas Leckie faced one of the greatest challenges of his career. Having flown Bill and...

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Fixing Antarctica: Still Waiting

Throughout October the team at Mawson Base celebrated the return of the sun with higher spirits and more exploratory forays with the dogs and the weasels out onto the plateau. Still, for Syd, it was a time of waiting, for Phil had still not approved the Southern...

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