The Biography is definitely reaching completion. Shelly reworked the cover after I received a much higher definition version of the portrait and found a mistake – yes, really, a grammatical error in the back cover blurb. Here is a low-resolution version of the high-resolution cover.

I also found four new mistakes in the page proofs and it cost $110 to fix, so that’s it, no more mistakes. If you find any when the book is out, they were in there to make sure you were all paying attention.

So I think, advance copies will be available from late June through Amazon. Getting the book into Australian bookshops will take a while as the distributor needs a copy of the book before deciding to distribute for me.

The official launch will be in Perth in September. The next post update will be about an exciting event that will coincide with the launch. Then I’ll do a real post and you can catch up with the gang at Mawson as the days grow short.



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