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By Lynette Finch

Earth, Wind & Fire

A Family Epic

A kidnapped girl, in Shelford, Nottinghamshire in the east midlands of England. An unbroken chain of recorded births, deaths and marriages spanning four centuries since she was taken.

Six generations later, her descendants flee their farms in Ireland and join the diaspora, to Australia.

Six generations follow. On the goldfields in Victoria, a little boy is kidnapped. In western New South Wales, five children die in the desert. At Gallipoli, a young man is shot in the water.

None of them are ever forgotten.


Lynette Finch

Lynette grew up in country towns and moved to Brisbane where she completed a undergraduate degree in environmental science. Discovering she wasn’t a fan of vivisection or dirt under her fingernails, she switched to history and completed a PhD at the University of Queensland. 

While studying, she started a small poster business called Mantis Prints, specializing in political posters during the odd days of the Bjelke-Petersen Government in Queensland. 

Then came a long career as an academic and non-fiction author. Her books and articles cover the field of urban health and war propaganda.

She was Arts Fellow to Antarctica in the 2007/08 season, where she researched in the archives and the field for a biography about Antarctic surveyor and explorer Syd Kirkby.

The Rock is her first novel. The manuscript won second place in the 2020 Ink and Insights Apprenticeship category and was a top two finalist in the Judges Favourite competition.

Lynette is represented by Marcy Posner, Senior Vice President & Literary Agent, Folio Literary Management, in New York.

Lynette lives in the Hills District of northern Brisbane, with two cats and her husband Peter, who is a former Scenes of Crime officer with the Queensland Police.

Coming Soon: The Rock

With similarities to Jane Harper’s The Dry, and the television series Mystery Road, The Rock is set on a remote Australian island, where a dangerous storm is gathering and Constable Pender MacCorkindale, the strong-willed rookie of a three-person police force, answers a call to a murder.

High winds strand her sergeant on the mainland, and, during a bungled arrest, the senior constable is stabbed and left fighting for his life.

Overtired and inexperienced, Pender continues the investigation alone. As the evidence gathers, she suspects this is not the killer’s first crime.

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The playful main title, defines the basic technical skill of a surveyor, who “fixes” points on the earth’s surface to a high degree of precision. A quirky way to attract readers to what is a most entertaining journey, weaving through the early days of Australia’s Antarctic program – ANARE- while focussing on the life and work of a most remarkable man, surveyor Syd Kirkby. Fixing Antarctica is a very readable story of one of our greatest modern day “Explorers”, and Sydney Lorrimar Kirkby can rightly lay claim to have mapped more unknown regions in the world than any other person in history.


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