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Book Reviews: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (London: Fourth Estate, 2015). I missed the Wolf Hall phenomenon—the book, the Booker Prizes, the play, even the television series although I’ve bought it now and mean to watch it soon. Wolf Hall is book one of a series, published in 2009...

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Earth, Wind and Fire: the life of a letter

The lifespan of a letter In 1768, Thomas Pim, the son of a Mountmellick butcher, was living with his son’s family in Tullylast, County Kildare when he received a letter from his great grand-nephew, Joshua Pim, suggesting the old man set his...

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Book Review: Talking to the Dead

Review of crime thriller, Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham. The novel introduces Fiona Griffiths, a young detective with a history of severe mental illness and a criminal father as she is recruited into the South Wales Major Crimes unit.

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Earth, Wind & Fire: Learning From History

Bride-Theft We learn a lot about ourselves when we bump into evidence that an ancestor (or anyone from the past who we might have admired) was guilty of behaviour that was abhorrent, ugly, nasty or disrespectful. She was a racist; he was part of the murderous frontier...

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Book Review: Love in Small Letters

Love in small letters by Francesc Miralles (Love in Small Letters is translated from Spanish by Julie Wark, Richmond, Surrey: Alma Books, 2014) Penguin published this novel about a lonely, linguistics lecturer called Samuel, as Love in Lower Case. With either title,...

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Fixing Antarctica: Order of Australia Honours for Syd

Yesterday, Sydney Kirkby was honoured with an Order of Australia medal In 1955, Syd was selected as party surveyor of the 1956 ANARE research in Antarctica. He was twenty-two years old. At that time 85% of the continent had never been seen. Most of the 42% of the vast...

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