Award winning playwright, Julia Jarel, took one look at Syd Kirkby’s biography Fixing Antarctica and was inspired to take the epic tale to the stage. Dancing with a Dream – The Story of Syd Kirkby is the result. This full length play will be performed at Hale School with a cast of 40 students on September 23, 24 and 25 in the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre in 2014.

Dancing With A Dream – The Story of Syd Kirkby tells a tale you will never forget. It is a spectacular story of adventure and daring, of shivering in blizzard ridden tents, teetering precariously on mountain tops and soaring blindly above the snow fields. Yet it is much more than this. It is a story of a father’s love for his son, a young boy’s triumph over almost impossible odds and the wonder of dancing with our dearest dreams, whatever the cost.

Tickets will be available through Hale School box office in late July.

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